Our Team

  • Pastor Nick Poole | Founder, Coaching Coordinator

    Nick graduated From Central Bible College in 2005 and served as a youth pastor and later a church planting director prior to becoming the Lead Pastor of Calvary Church in Irwin, Pa in 2011.  His journey from church planting into church revitalization sparked the passion and vision that launched The Change Group In 2019.

  • Pastor Dave Martin | Consulting Coordinator

    Dave was born and raised in northern Maryland.  He grew up in a Spirit-filled church. After four years of college, he felt the call to ministry, and left home to attend Bible college. It was there that met his wife, Sarah.

    After graduation he taught at that Bible college for six years, and then became an associate pastor in Maine for five years.  He then moved to Pittsburgh in 2004 to pastor Pitcairn Assembly of God. He pastored that church for over 12 years before he stepped down to finish working on his Masters of Divinity degree at Regent University. 

    Dave has also served as a hospice chaplain, run his own handyman business and currently serves as the Groups Pastor and Church Consultant at Calvary Church. He have been married to Sarah for 28 years, and have four children: Jonathan, Jason, Rachel, and Renee.

  • Pastor Aaron McNatt | Coach

    In the summer of 2013, Aaron and Dae McNatt, with their three daughters, stepped into the world of church revitalization. They left an associate pastor position at a healthy, well-established church in North Texas to accept the pastoral role in Wrightsville, PA. At that time, Wrightsville AG was down to 28 people, almost all of them being senior adults. The church didn’t have much money, but the faithfulness of previous generations meant they now owned the building and house that the church built in the 1960’s. Under Aaron’s leadership, the church embraced a very locally focused outreach strategy with a vision to make sure the church matters to the community it’s planted in. Through consistent quality outreach events, a strong emphasis on kid’s ministry and a commitment to excellence in the Sunday morning worship experience, the church began to grow. Six years later, Wrightsville AG is a different church with an entirely different identity in the community. The entire facility has been renovated and they are running multiple services on the weekend. In 2019 the church broke the 400-attendance barrier for the first time. Aaron is passionate about church revitalization because it is good stewardship of kingdom resources, honors the faithfulness of previous generations, calls the prodigals back home and is a multi-generational effort.

  • Pastor Nichole Schreiber | Coach

    Pastor Nichole Schreiber is the Lead Pastor at Erie First. She is passionate about teaching the word of God with specific life application. Nichole loves to see people take the next step on their faith journey. 

    Nichole joined Erie First as Executive Pastor in October 2016, after previously serving on Erie First’s preaching team. She was named Lead Pastor by the Erie First congregation in February 2017. Nichole is a graduate of Southwest Missouri State University. She previously served with her husband Joel in college ministry with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries for over 10 years. Joel currently directs the Edinboro University Chi Alpha.

    Nichole is also writer and loves to read in her free time. She and Joel have three rambunctious, hilarious, lovely girls: Cecily, Haley and Mercy.